Dec 11, 2015

Dec 9, 2015

Breaking Free Collections Update

 Last month I began collecting hygiene products for Breaking Free and already have quite the pile of stuff. A reminder I am collecting pads and tampons, toothpaste and tooth brushes, soap or body wash, shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, and African American hair care products and these items do not have to be full size they can be sample or travel size items. You can bring these items to the general meetings or to my house. Lets keep up the fantastic work. thanks, Teddy

Dec 8, 2015

Holiday Party & General Meeting ~ Monday, Dec. 14th 6:30 PM ***Date changed to 2nd Monday of December***

Holiday Party & General Meeting ~ Monday, Dec. 14th 6:30 PM
Join us for a Holiday potluck starting at 6:30 pm at Holy Nativity Lutheran Church in New Hope - 3900 Winnetka Ave North. Our meetings typically end between 8:30 pm and 9:00 pm. Fellowship, Fun, and a Few NHWT Facts to Follow the Food. Wear a fun holiday sweater and bring a dish or treat to share. For more information contact Anna at We hope to see you there!

Dec 7, 2015

Top Three Reasons to be Part of New Hope Women of Today in December.‏

Number ONE:
Holiday Craft Night ~ Thursday, Dec. 10, 7 - 9pm
Here's a fun and crafty way to jumpstart the holidays. We will be creating star mint ornaments. To join in on the fun please email Diane at for more information and directions.

Number TWO:
It’s Time to Get Your Singing Voices Ready ~ Sunday, Dec. 13th at 2 pm
Join us in a Carol or two at Ambassador Nursing Home in New Hope. We'll sing 5 or so songs in the lunch room and then we'll walk the halls singing so everyone can enjoy the music. Bring your family and friends - the more the merrier! To RSVP or for more information please contact Pam at

Number THREE:
Holiday Party & General Meeting ~ Monday, Dec. 14th 6:30 PM
Join us for a Holiday potluck starting at 6:30 pm at Holy Nativity Lutheran Church in New Hope - 3900 Winnetka Ave North. Our meetings typically end between 8:30 pm and 9:00 pm. Fellowship, Fun, and a Few NHWT Facts to Follow the Food. Wear a fun holiday sweater and bring a dish or treat to share. For more information contact Anna at We hope to see you there!

Our Annual Holiday Cookie Exchange
Open to members only! My personal favorite event of the year. Don’t fear you won’t have to bake hundreds of cookies! Last year, we had 12 participants. Each person brought 72 cookies (of one type) and went home with ½ dozen each of 12 different kinds. There will be drinks, appetizers, and holiday fun.Wear a Santa hat or your favorite holiday sweater. We will have Holiday treats to share afterwards.

Winter State Update

Winter State will be at Double Tree Hotel in St Louis Park from 1/29 — 1/31. Gilligan's Island is the theme. Advanced Registration is due 1/11. Contact Alicia P for questions, $80 for full registration. See registration form included in the November Newsletter.

Dec 2, 2015

Planning for the 2016-2017 year!

It’s that time of year when we start to fill our board and LPM positions. We will need someone to step up to be our next president. If this is something you have thought about please talk to me ASAP. Do not wait to see if someone else will step up I will start to formally ask for a president in December and the board in January. As president you do not need to do everything, just do the best you can. This position is open to all members who have served on the board at least one year. It is open to new members who would like to try something different, members of many years who are finding a little open space in their calendar, members who are ready to take their turn as president, and members who have been president before and would like to do it again. Everyone should be president at least once. It is a great opportunity to get to know all of the other members of the chapter in a new way. You do not need to have all the answers or even a lot of extra time. Not all presidents make it to every board and/or general meeting. Sometimes life gets crazy and they miss one (or two). Not all presidents can make it to all of the state conventions. If you miss one, we will just send someone to represent you. If you care about the community and the members of NHWT, you have what it takes to be a great president. It is not as scary as it looks from the outside. My year as president was a lot of fun. The support I received from the past presidents and other members was amazing. I enjoyed the opportunities given to me. With six children at home, I did not have a lot of time to go to all of the events or do as much as I would have liked. I still had the greatest time doing what I could when I could. Never once did a member make me feel bad I couldn’t do more. It’s not about doing everything. It’s about taking your turn to support our community and chapter. So, put your 2016-2017 planning hats on and chose what position you would like to help with next year. -Anna

Nov 30, 2015

A Message from Our President

Where has the time gone? It is hard to believe that I am writing for the November newsletter already. It has been an exciting and spicy year so far. We have had success with our biggest projects, which have allowed us to help a lot of people. We have had a lot of fun with socials, game nights and crafts. What we have done has been recognized by our state organization during conventions. With the busy holiday season fast approaching; please remember to schedule a little time for yourself. I know for myself I need to keep to a tight schedule what with kids activities, holiday parties and birthdays if I didn't life would be chaos.


" The thing that lies at the foundation of positive change, the way I see it, is service to a fellow human being" -Lee Iacocca

Nov 25, 2015

Bookworms Book Club!

The next meeting is January 14th. 

It will be at Lori W's house. 

The book is Leaving Time by Jodie Picoult.

Nov 23, 2015

January Ways and Means Projects

Collections will be at General Meeting.
1. BRING CLOTHING that is in excellent condition for consignment. New or Almost New would be great.
2. Bring BOOKS in good condition. We will be taking the books to Half Price Books to resell.
3. Bring "do-dads" i.e. "collectibles". We will take those to a consignment shop.

Nov 18, 2015

Let's Grow Ladies!

The best part about volunteer organizations like NHWT is the opportunity for growth that it offers.
We-all want to make positive contributions to our communities-Most of us join organizations like-NHWT to help out with causes that are in place. We hear about the Cooper Craft Fair and think, "I could help with that". So we join and sign up to serve coffee, to clean the Highway, run a kiddie game at Duk Duk Daze or show up to a fun social event. The next year we may help out with the 5K or attend Bow Night.

I was one of those members. At one point I was asked to be on the DDD Committee as the prize person. I had no idea what I was getting into. It ended up being a fun job. Everything from the previous years were handed to me in a file. I only had to pick out new prizes, keep track of my spending and keep an inventory of what we used. I successful and I know I made a significant contribution to the event and our organization.

This year I took on the coffee shop for the Cooper Craft Fair. Although it seemed like a lot to take on, all I had to do was follow the format that was in place from last year. I had to make a few adjustments, but not much stress involved. The hardest part was not knowing what to expect on the day. The past chairperson was at the meetings and was available for questions at any time. Next year it will be easier as I will know what to expect.

This year I also took on the role as Treasurer. Now this, for me, was a stretch! I have no accounting skills. I don't even balance my checkbook. I do, however, keep track of my family's expenses and pay all of the bills. I have found that NHWT banking duties are a little more complex. But I'm doing it! The former Treasurer helped me get started and is available if I have problems. And my fellow board members have, been supportive and encouraging.

Even though there are times when I feel like I'm not sure what I'm doing and times when I feel like my numbers are way off, I know that I am doing my best. I think my numbers are at least close to accurate, I am proud of myself for trying something outside my comfort zone and I know that I am backed by a whole group of amazing women.

Soon, we will be looking for a new president and new board members. I encourage any of you to consider taking on a position. Anything. Or commit to chairing an event or serving on a committee. When we try new things, we grow in ways we never expect.( Now is the time to ask questions without feeling any pressure.) Let's grow together!

Bonnie H

Nov 16, 2015

Starry, Starry Starmint Night

Craft Day!
Make star mints. Dec 7th ... 7 pm - 9 pm @ Diane WC Home.
Please bring a firm container (shoe box, etc) to bring your creations home. They are a bit fragile.
If you are interested in a small mason jar table candle, bring $5.00 to cover supplies. Let me know when you sign up if you are interested.
Sign up at the Nov. Meeting or let me know at

Nov 11, 2015





Nov 9, 2015

Leave No Trace - A message from our President.

In scouts we learn to practice the concept of "Leave No Trace". We take extra care to ensure that we leave as little impact as possible so others can enjoy the unspoiled outdoors. But, we know that no matter how hard we try, we do leave a trace. A footprint, matted down grass or broken twigs. When camping, we concentrate on the "physical" traces we leave behind. But every day, we are leaving a trace of our passing. Everywhere you go, everyone you meet, and everything you do, leaves a trace.

If you say something unkind, ignore someone when they are speaking, or snub them when they are trying to help, that can leave an ugly trace that can take a long time to heal.

On the other hand, if you thank your friends, family and co-workers for what they do for you, offer assistance, and pay attention, you leave a good trace.

You will interact with a stranger for a couple of seconds or with your friends for several hours, but no matter how long it is, you leave a trace of your passing. It's up to you weather you leave a trace that makes the world better or worse.

So members: What trace are you going to leave this week? This month? How about right now?
At home, at work, working on projects, at meetings?

It's up to you!


Nov 7, 2015

Bookworms Book Club!

The Bookworms September meeting was cancelled. The next meeting is November 12th. We will be meeting at Byerly's in Golden Valley at 7:00

The two books we will be discussing will be Three Story House - by Courtney Miller Santo and A Sudden Country - by Karen Flsher

The  January will be on the 14th. It will be at Lori W's house. The book is Leaving Time by Jodie Picoult.

Hope to see you there!

Nov 4, 2015

Holiday Cookie Exchange

Thursday Dec. 17th 7:00 PM — Save the date!

Hosted by Sandy B & Delores H

Please join us for this annual, very fun event. You will need to make approx. 72 cookies of one kind. You do not have to be an experienced baker, just willing to share with others. We trade cookies, and you take home a nice variety for the holidays.

This year's event will be held at Sandy's home. Food and refreshments will be served, and at least one crazy holiday game played.

Please RSVP to Sandy asap. We do limit this to twelve members (so we don't have to make hundreds of cookies), so sign up early.

Nov 1, 2015

Monthly Wellness Recipe

Snacking is the downfall for so many women with their diets. Even seemingly "healthy" foods can be a problem. Almonds, for example, are a very health snack; but there are 164 calories in a 1 oz serving (about 25 almonds). So don't eat too many!! If like me you need to be able to snack guiltless, consider these ideas:

• Buy "100 calorie" packs of your favorite snacks, (like nuts). They are a great way of helping with portion control!

• Popcorn without oil or butter (and just sea salt) is a VERY health snack at a low 35 calories per cup. You can eat to your heart's content without overeating!

• Watermelon is a great source or water & fiber and comes in at a low 46 calories per cup.

• Do you have a sweet tooth like me? Medjool Dates will not only take care of your sugar craving, they are packed full of fiber and are only about 65 calories each.

• Kale chips — mix kale, oil & sea salt — bake — enjoy! Very healthy, very easy, very low calorie!

Oct 29, 2015

2nd Trimester Chapter visit planned

President Tawn & Alicia will be traveling to St Cloud for what is sure to be a spicy time! Contact Alicia if you are interested in joining us on Tuesday, December 15 their for their general meeting!

Photos: Back to the 50's

Oct 27, 2015

Hashtag... #NHWT

Find us all over the web with our New Hope Women of Today Hashtag, #NHWT. Please include our hashtag each time you post a NHWT video, photo, or Story. We love to see our name on all of the different multimedia platforms. 

Oct 24, 2015


These tasty pastries are a holiday tradition for many. Rita J needs your orders turned into her by Nov. 1 st . with a delivery date of Nov. 20th . Proceeds from this fundraiser will go to Breaking Free.

Oct 22, 2015


Bring your order forms to the Oct. meeting

These are really lovely wreaths and in a good variety of shapes and sizes.

Bow Night will be November 12th at Kellee P's house. Anyone that has a table please it bring with you - we will need them for Bow Nite.


Kellee P has all the answers to your wreath sale questions.

Oct 20, 2015

Just for Fun (2015 Fall State Convention)

What happens at convention does not always stay at convention. It gets posted all over social media! Look at all the fun you missed…

Oct 18, 2015


Unless you've been living in a cave, one of the most exciting — and most profitable — events of the New Hope WT year is nearly here.

Besides being a great fundraising event, it gives New Hope WT a very visible face to our community. And it is a great place to buy holiday gifts for the whole family.

Join US: Oct. 31st 9 am - 3 pm ay Coo[er High School in New Hope

Oct 16, 2015

MNWT ONTO Flower Sales

What? You ask... Each year the MNWT holds a flower sale to raise funds for their ONTO committee.  You purchase the flowers (carnations) now and they are delivered at the Winter State Banquet. The order form can be found in the October newsletter. Please consider participating in the fun fundraiser and sending a word of encouragement, appreciation, or celebration to another NHWT member. I know our President Tawn will be there, if anyone wants to send her a flower (hint hint). 

Oct 8, 2015

Community Notes: Fun Family Halloween Concert

Everyone is invited to a Family Fun Halloween Concert presented by Cooper High School Orchestra. This fabulous event will be held on Tuesday, October 27, 2015 at the Cooper Cafeteria and starts at 6pm. There is an admissions fee of $3 per person. Come and enjoy treats and activities. Play games and hear fun familiar and spooky music. All ages welcome. Costumes are encouraged! 

Oct 5, 2015

The Lynn Struck Memorial Bench Update

We are getting closer to the finish line. Our bench will be ordered in early spring 2016 and placed in Northwood Park late spring/early summer 2016 after the park construction is complete. We will have a dedication for the bench at that time. Before any of that that can happen we need to raise $1,500. Thank you to the 2015 NHWT Annual Convention Committee for their generous donation of $750. A very special thank you to all of the community members who mailed in donations. We have raised $260 in personal donations to date. The generosity and support from the community is greatly appreciated. It is my hope that the raffle held on October 15th will cover the rest of the amount needed. Thank you to everyone who helped sell raffle tickets. We will announce the final update on the raffle ticket results at our October General meeting. 

Oct 1, 2015

Photo's Needed

Hello chapter members, I need your photos. When you are at an event, any NHWT or MNWT event please snap a photo or two and send them to me. Cell phone photos are okay. I am still looking for photos from the July general meeting, Dawn's going away party, and the past book club meetings. All photos can be sent to either my email or via text. Thanks, Anna N

Sep 23, 2015

MNWT Bylaw and Policy Review

The State Bylaw and Policy review will be held on Friday, October 30, starting at 7:00 pm at the Chapter Service Center in Eden Prairie. 

Sep 14, 2015

Vendor Fair Update!

Check out our new Vendor Fair Flyer & Share with your friends.

Sep 11, 2015

New Hope Women of Today Back to the 50's Ladies Night Out

New Hope Women of Today Back to the 50's Ladies Night Out

What: Join us for a fun themed ladies night out with appetizers, beverages, games and an opportunity to meet other women in your community, A prize will be given for the best 50's costume.

When: Thursday, October 15, 2015, 6:30 pm — 8:30 pm

Where: House of Hope, 4800 Boone Avenue North, New Hope, MN


Sep 4, 2015

Recipes for Wellness!

At the May general meeting, I taught you all a really fun leg workout. In June we learned an easy workout for the core that also help with balance. In July we focused on Gluts. In August we will focused on arms!

Monthly Wellness Recipe: A landmark UCLA study from 2014 showed some fun and surprising results — in women, hanging out with friends reduced stress! The study showed that when women engaged in social behavior with other women, our oxytocin levels increased, countering stress and producing a calming effect.

So not only does our great organization offer some amazing opportunities to support our local communities, but just spending time together can have significant health benefits! Next month, support your overall wellness by calling up a friend you enjoy spending time with and taking time to go grab a cup of coffee with time!

Your 2015/2016 Women's Wellness LPM,
Alicia Parsley

Sep 1, 2015

Memorial Bench Fundraiser / Raffle

Memorial Bench Fundraiser / Raffle
Tickets $10 each

Only 300 tickets available!
Need not be present to win.

Drawing to be held at the NHWT Back to the 50's Night, at the House of Hope, in New Hope on October 15, 2015.

1st Prize $250     2nd Prize $200     3rd Prize $150
4th Prize $100     5th Prize $75     6th Prize $50
7th Prize $25     8th Prize $25     9th Prize $25

See any New Hope Women of Today member to purchase your tickets.

Proceeds will be used towards the Lynn Struck Memorial Bench.

Please help us to fund the Lynn Struck Memorial bench to be placed in Northwood Park the summer of 2016. As a 28 year member of the new Hope Women of Today Lynn was instrumental in recruiting new members and ensuring they felt welcome and needed. She opened up her house for many meetings and social events. Lynn initiated and chaired many projects to benefit our community and worthy causes, such as Duk Duk Daze, benefit dances and wreath sales that helped raise money for PRISM, Home Free, the March of Dimes, the Lupus Foundation, School District 281 , and many other charities. Her giving nature kept her an active member to ensure that our chapter continues to flourish and remain an integral part of this community. Lynn left this world a better place. With your support we can create the Lynn Struck Memorial Bench as a reminder of all the lives she touched in the community.

Photos: Kids Week 2015

Aug 28, 2015

I Love Book Club

Book Club Updates:

  • September 10th - Three Story House by Courtney Miller Santo. The book is Three Story House by Courtney Miller Santo. We will be meeting at Diane V's house.
  • November 12th - A Sudden Country by Karen Fisher- place TBD
  • January 14th - Leaving Time by Jodi Picoult. At  - Lori W's house


Aug 21, 2015

"Let's Put the FUN in FUNdraising"!


  • We will have another Dollar per chance drawinq for two medium Domino's pizzas. Bring some Dollars.
  • Reminder: Tastefully Simple Fundraiser in September. Lots of goodies to sample at the September General Meeting. Teri B., Delores H and Marion H will host.
  • October Vendor Fair...Rita will share more info. PLEASE pick up a flyer and help us spread the word to have lots of guests shopping as well as additional vendors.

Aug 19, 2015

August General Meeting & Salad Supper!

Join us on Monday, August for our August General Meeting & Salad supper!

Location: Holy Nativity Church in New Hope

Time: 6:30 PM supper, 7:00 PM meeting

Bring: A dish to pass — dessert, main course, salad — anything! Drinks & plates/utensils will be provided.

We hope to see you there!
Anna N. & Alicia P.

Aug 17, 2015

August Message from the President

Being Thankful

As I start each new day I try to remember to be thankful for the things that I have. Some days it is easier than others to do so. When there is stress at home, deadlines at work, personal loss, or just the crazy world in which we live, it is hard to be thankful. One way that I have found to be thankful is to look at the small things in life. The week of peace when both kids are at camp, and the joyful reunions when they came home. The impromptu neighborhood get together around the fire pit. The sweet call of the cardinal in my apple tree at 4 am, ok I'm not really thankful for that one. Doing a good deed without thought of payment or return favors. The strength I gain by being a member of the New Hope Women of Today.

I am so grateful for the opportunities this organization has given me. In addition to these opportunities, I have made some wonderful friends that I know I can count on when the going gets tough, and can celebrate successes with when the road is freshly paved.

I challenge you to be thankful every day, lean on your fellow members, and to share the opportunity of Women of Today with people you know and people that you meet in the community.

"Remember, yesterday is in the past, the future is unknown, today is a gift, that is why they call it the present." Adam Abramson radio DJ


Aug 11, 2015

New Member Orientation

On Monday, Augut 17th from 7:00 PM— 9:00 PM we will be holding a New Member Orientation. This orientation is open to all members, so even if you've been around awhile consider joining us — you may learn something new about the amazing organization! If you have never attended an orientation, we especially hope you can join us!
Orientation Co-Leaders: Alicia Parsley & JoAnn Larson of Fridley
Location: Alicia's House
We'll have some light snacks. RSVP to Alicia