Member Resources and Tools

NHWT Chapter Handbook: Rev. 2023

By-laws and Policies

NHWT By-Laws: Rev. 2020

NHWT Polices: Rev. 2020

CCF Polices: Rev.2023

NHWT Forms

Expense Voucher: Rev. 2019

Meeting Report Form: Rev. 2015

Motion Slip: Rev. 2019

Project Report Form: Rev. 2020

Sign Up Sheet: Rev. 2022


Training Documents

Board Position Descriptions: Rev. 4/2020

Glossary of Terms: Rev. 6/2017

LPM Training and Position Descriptions: Rev. 4/2022

Meeting Host Guidelines: Rev. 2016

Member Orientation: Rev. 2018

Program Chair Position Descriptions: Rev. 4/2021

Project Chair Guidelines: Rev. 2015

Social Media Guidelines: Rev. 2020

Social Media Help

Instagram: Rev.10/2017

Facebook: Rev.11/2017

Twitter: Rev. 2/2018


New Hope WT Calendar