Monthly Wellness Recipe

Snacking is the downfall for so many women with their diets. Even seemingly "healthy" foods can be a problem. Almonds, for example, are a very health snack; but there are 164 calories in a 1 oz serving (about 25 almonds). So don't eat too many!! If like me you need to be able to snack guiltless, consider these ideas:

• Buy "100 calorie" packs of your favorite snacks, (like nuts). They are a great way of helping with portion control!

• Popcorn without oil or butter (and just sea salt) is a VERY health snack at a low 35 calories per cup. You can eat to your heart's content without overeating!

• Watermelon is a great source or water & fiber and comes in at a low 46 calories per cup.

• Do you have a sweet tooth like me? Medjool Dates will not only take care of your sugar craving, they are packed full of fiber and are only about 65 calories each.

• Kale chips — mix kale, oil & sea salt — bake — enjoy! Very healthy, very easy, very low calorie!