Recipes for Wellness!

At the May general meeting, I taught you all a really fun leg workout. In June we learned an easy workout for the core that also help with balance. In July we focused on Gluts. In August we will focused on arms!

Monthly Wellness Recipe: A landmark UCLA study from 2014 showed some fun and surprising results — in women, hanging out with friends reduced stress! The study showed that when women engaged in social behavior with other women, our oxytocin levels increased, countering stress and producing a calming effect.

So not only does our great organization offer some amazing opportunities to support our local communities, but just spending time together can have significant health benefits! Next month, support your overall wellness by calling up a friend you enjoy spending time with and taking time to go grab a cup of coffee with time!

Your 2015/2016 Women's Wellness LPM,
Alicia Parsley