Apr 21, 2018

State Flower Fundraiser

Looking for flowers for this spring? Help support the state ways and means AND raise money for your chapter! BUY ALL THE FLOWERS!!! Below are the details. Fundraiser goes until April 30th!

For every purchase made by clicking the link below, Flower Power Fundraising will give 50% profit back to Minnesota Women of Today. Of this, your chapter will receive 20% of the profit in the form a check from MNWT; chapters are responsible for placing catalog orders online. Items ordered online will be shipped directly to you.

Help the state! Help your local chapter! It's a win-win and you get flowers!

Flower Link

Apr 19, 2018

Lunch & Walk

Women’s Wellness!
We will have a Lunch & Walk (typically called “Walk on
Wednesday”) on Monday, April 23 at Ridgedale Mall.
Meet at Macy’s at 11:45 am for lunch and we will walk in the Mall
afterwards. RSVP with Delores

Thank You!

Delores H,
Women’s Wellness LPM

Apr 17, 2018

Step To It!

It's that time of year! Let's all get up and step to it. This is a fun free community event that is open to anyone. You can register any time, but the Stepping doesn't start until May 1st. Go to Step To It and register, you can participate for any city, but we do have a good track record of winning stuff from New Hope. Once registered go to the GROUP tab and select JOIN A GROUP. Our chapter group name is New Hope WT. If you are thinking "I don't track me steps." No problem, you can add activities (like running or housework, or gardening, or not running) and the program will calculate your steps for you. Anyone can join our New Hope WT group, so invite your family and friends to join us.

Apr 10, 2018

April Note from President Carrie

Happy Spinter?
I have been waiting and waiting for
some good weather! I really wish I
could enjoy the colder weather.
It’s just not in my bones, and I’m
Scandinavian! So I’ve rewritten this
probably 5 times now, and I feel
like I just can’t get out what I want
to say...so, short and sweet it is.

Thank you so much for a
wonderful year. Thank you for your

support this year. I can’t wait to
see what our chapter does next
Here’s hoping summer arrives
President Carrie....signing off!

Apr 9, 2018

New Hope Women of Today Rocks!

Join the fun in TWO different ways.

#1 by finding #NHWT rocks in the local parks. Taking photos of you with your finds and posting them to Facebook and Instagram with #NHWT. Bonus points if you add our website (NewHopeWT.org) to your post. After you take a picture (or twenty) you have several rock options. A) put it back. B) hide it somewhere new. C) take it home to cherish.

   #2 by painting them, hashtag them with #NHWT, and hide them (not in the grass, lawnmowers) for others to find!. You can leave hints as to where they might be found on our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/NewHopeWomenOfToday). 

Contact membership@newhopewt.org with any question.

Apr 8, 2018

Community Volunteer Opportunity!

It is time to start thinking about summer and with that, Duk Duk Daze. Please sign up to help with set up or work at the kid's games, token booth, or kiddie parade on Saturday. Children 10-12 can volunteer with an adult or parent on games that require 2 people. A youth 13 or over can run most games requiring only 1 volunteer. If you have a question regarding the age of your child working a game, or anything else, please contact Rita at DDD@newhopewt.org. 

To sign up as a volunteer click HERE

Thank you in advance for helping at this event.

Apr 7, 2018

April General Meeting Invitation

Date: April 23, 2018

Time: 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm General Meeting (snacks and beverages will be provided)

Location: Holy Nativity Lutheran Church in New Hope - 3900 Winnetka Ave N.

The New Hope Women of Today General meeting is open to the public. Guests are always welcome. For more information, contact us at Membership@NewHopeWT.org.

Apr 5, 2018

Area 3 Meeting Details

The MNWT Area 3 meeting is on Friday April 6th at 6 pm

Area 3 consists of MNWT Districts 7 and 8. The New Hope Women of Today is one of five (5) local chapters in District 7. 

  • Dinner at 6:00pm
  • Meeting at 7:00pm
  • Menu: Sloppy Joes, Chips, Treats, Salad and Beverage
  • Cost: $6.00 Dinner & Meeting, $2.00 Meeting only
  • Come meet the 2018-2019 Candidates 
  • Training by State Staff
  • Lucky Buck Auction for a $20.00 GIft Card to the State Store

Contact: DD08@mnwt.org or DD07@mnwt.org for more information

Apr 3, 2018

Mini NHWT Orientation

I. Minnesota Women of Today Mission Statement:
A. Mission:
The mission of the Minnesota Women of Today is to help women improve their own lives and the lives of the people in the communities around them.
II. History of Women of Today:
A. We began as a Jaycee wives’ organization in 1950 in Minnesota (Mrs. Jaycees).
B. We became an independent organization, the Women of Today in 1985.
III. Organizational Structure:
A. United States Women of Today
1. The national organization has 14 plus member states.
B. Minnesota Women of Today
1. We maintain a strong support system by providing individual chapters with educational information, fundraising ideas and membership encouragement.
2. Membership:
a. Open to all persons over the age of 18.
b. Active chapters need ten members.
3. State dues are $45 and National dues are $5. Local dues are $0.
4. The State NEWSLET is sent to all members and subscribers three times a year.
5. State conventions are held three times a year hosted in various areas of the state.
C. District
1. Chapters throughout the state are organized into districts to promote communication and mutual support.
2. We are part of district 7. Chapters in our district are: Brooklyn Park, Fridley, Maple Grove, and White Bear Lake.
3. District meetings are held three times a year.
D. Our chapter, the New Hope Women of Today
1. Board meetings are open to all members in good standing. They are held on the 2nd Monday of the month.
2. General membership meetings are open to the public. They are held on the 4th Monday of the month.
IV. Our structure
A. The local board may consist of:
1. President - plans and runs meetings.
2. State Delegate - keeps chapter informed about district and state matters.
3. Programing Vice President - supervises programming areas, which benefit the local chapter and community.
4. Membership Vice President - supervises areas, which provide service to the individual member.
5. Secretary - records minutes of business meetings and handles correspondence.
6. Treasurer - manages chapter finances.
7. Parliamentarian/Past President - promotes efficient business meetings through Robert's Rules of Order.
B. Local Program Managers (LPMs), under the Programing VPs, oversee areas in which the chapter participates.
1. Internal areas benefit the local chapter and its members. The following are the internal area, which the state organization supports. Our local chapter participates in all of the areas.
a. Living and Learning (LL) - developed to encourage a member’s personal growth – mentally, spiritually, civically and through family.
b. SUCCESS - designed to help keep those important project records on file. Encouraged chapter history keeping as well as completing a variety of activities each trimester.
c. Public Relations (PR) - promotes Women of Today to the community through various media, including Facebook, Website, Newspapers, magazines, etc.
d. NEWSLETTER - promotes good communication in the chapter. This area typically produces a newsletter for the chapter.
2.    External areas benefit the community. The following are the external areas which the state organization supports. Our local chapter participates in all of the areas.
a.    Community Connections (CC) – encourages involvement in the local community.  Also encourages support of Friendship Ventures, the Outstanding Person with Challenges award and a community-focused area of the SPM’s choosing.
b.    Priority Area (currently Can-Do Canines for 2018-2021) – formerly Breaking Free – encourages education and support of this foundation.
c.     Women’s Wellness (WW) – focused on providing and supporting women’s health education through traditional and holistic medical practices.
d.    Youth of Today (YT) – this area covers a wide variety of projects that involve youth activities, education and support.  The Outstanding Young Adult scholarship program falls under this area.
V.  General Pointers for Members
A.    Member involvement:
1.    Regular attendance at general meetings is strongly encouraged.
2.    Whatever your level of involvement, we are glad to have you!
3.    Do not be afraid to chair a project - maybe try co-chairing.
B.    Miscellaneous Tips:
1.    Reporting at meetings:
a.    Be prepared - summarize!
b.    Write it down for the secretary.
c.     Be creative and have fun! (Use a prop, try a skit!)
2.    Bring up new ideas at a meeting in the form of a motion. Begin with "I move that....." and go on to state your idea.
3.    Use your chapter newsletter. It is a great communication tool.

Apr 2, 2018

Step Outside Your Comfort Zone...

Spring is on the horizon (we hope)! I know that we all have been hunkering down, just to survive the snow and ice. But things are changing! It is time to get out of your rut. Do you know what a rut is? It's a grave with the ends kicked out! Time to shake things up, stir up your blood and have fun! New Hope Women of Today is looking for board members and LPMs for the upcoming 2018- 2019 year. Make THIS year the year that you try something new.

We need:
 President
 Secretary
 Treasurer
 Membership
 Programming VP
 State Delegate Local Program Managers are also needed and area a great way to get your feet wet! Each position receives a trimester Chapter Information Pack that gives you ideas and plans for your area. You can do as much or as little as necessary. It is up to you!

Thank you! Diane W. Carr, Parliamentarian

Apr 1, 2018

April Math Square

Try to fill in the missing numbers.
Use the numbers 1 through 36 to complete the equations.
Each number is only used once.
Each row is a math equation. Each column is a math equation.
Remember that multiplication and division are performed before addition and subtraction.