NHWT Trivia Time

These September and October related trivia questions are brought to you by the USWT and  www.triviaquestionquiz.com. How many can you answer?

1. In the Harry Potter books, what is the day on which the Hogwarts Express departs for the start of school?

2. What was the name of the first Beatles release on October 5, 1962?

3. According to US stats, more babies on average are born in which month than any other month of the year?

4. Why is October the perfect time to go stargazing?

5. Shakespeare never mentioned which month in any of his plays or sonnets?

6. When is Patriot Day in the USA?

7. Halloween is better known by what name?

Trivia Answers Below 

1. The Hogwarts Express departs on 9/1. 

2. The Beatles released “Love Me Do” on 10/05/1962. 

3. On average, more babies are born in the month of September. 

4. October is perfect for stargazing because the night sky is much clearer. 

5. Shakespeare never mentioned October in any of his plays or sonnets. 

6. Patriot Day, a day to remember/thank veterans for their service is September 11. 

7. Halloween is also known as All Hallows’ Eve.