NHWT Member Spotlight – Rachel B


Our September Member Spotlight is Rachel. This year she our chapter Community Connections LPM. She is the author of our monthly Eco-Minute articles and keeps our chapter informed on ways we can be more ECO friendly as a group.  Rachel says (referring to the photo) “We went geocaching when I was able to finally come out of quarantine. I didn't make it much longer after this photo. I was still quite sick, actually.”

Rachel’s Favorite Color: Green

Rachel’s Favorite Snacks: Snickers

Rachels’s Favorite Project/Social: Cards Against Humanity was probably the most fun.

Rachel’s Recipe to Share:

Kale chips


  • Kale
  • Oil
  • Soy Sauce


  •  Take off the spine from the kale and rub with oil and soy sauce.
  • Bake at a lower heat (300F). Flip every 5 minutes until crispy, but not too dark.