Road to Wellness with District 8

 By Anna Nichols

People have asked me what is next after competing my second hip replacement surgery this year. I love this question. I get very excited and shout out, "I'm going to do a 5k!" That is when the odd looks start. Not this year, but next year. I'm walking, not running, my goal isn't speed. I am looking forward to the accomplishment of crossing the finish line. This is where the 'Road to Wellness with District 8' comes in. Our District is inviting members to join together and complete a 5K race (walk).

April is the perfect time to get outside and enjoy the warming fresh air. April is the perfect time to enjoy chocolate. The Minneapolis Hot Chocolate 5K will be held oApril 13, 2024 and District 8 is coming together to do this race. This is not a volunteer project, but instead a self-care activity. As a district members are encouraged to sign up and participate (do/run/jog/walk) in the Minneapolis Hot Chocolate 5K. Everyone at all levels is invited to join in the fun. Some of us will run faster than others. Some of us will walk slower than others. Find someone in the chapter or district to walk/run with or go alone at your own pace. We will all meet up at the end for Hot Chocolate, conversation, and a photo or two.  


  • Hot Chocolate Run - Minneapolis , April 13, 2024

Location & time:

  • Boom Island Park, 724 Sibley St NE, Minneapolis, MN 55413 - 5k start time: 8:10 am


  • $5 Discount Code: DUZIMLGYWK
  • $44.00 through February 4th, 2024
  • $49.00 through March 3rd, 2024
  • $59.00 through March 31st, 2024
  • $64.00 until registration closes


Post-run party:

  • A chocolate lover's oasis awaits at the post-run party! Celebrate your accomplishment with a finisher mug that includes fondue, dippables, and our very own hot chocolate, while checking out our exciting vendors and listening to great tunes!

Photos & timing:

  • Professionally timed results and free high-res photos will be emailed to all participants as soon as they cross the finish line. The link below will also be updated on race day, so be sure to check back then!

5K FYIs: 

(Referenced from "(Referenced from The 10-Week Couch to 5K Training Plan for New Runners,


1) 5K is short for five kilometers, where one kilometer is equivalent to 0.62 of a mile, making a 5K race 3.1 miles in length. 

2) Between settling into a new routine and sore, achy muscles, you may feel like you’re not improving. Be patient. Running does get easier over time. The physiological changes that need to occur within your body to make running feel more comfortable typically take four to six weeks. So don’t give up before that.

3) Example Run-Walk Progression:

  • ·        1-minute run / 1-minute walk
  • ·        2-minute run / 1-minute walk
  • ·        3-minute run / 1-minute walk
  • ·        4-minute run / 1-minute walk
  • ·        5-minute run / 1-minute walk
  • ·        3-minute run / 30-second walk
  • ·        4-minute run / 30-second walk
  • ·        5-minute run / 30-second walk

4) Some days you’ll be flat-out tired, unmotivated, or just dislike running. The planned workout may seem like an enormous undertaking. That’s fine, and you may very well have a valid reason. When these days happen, it’s essential to do something. Anything. Even if just a fraction of what’s planned, that’s better than nothing.

5) If something feels off or there is pain present, it’s far better to rest that day, let it calm down, and live to run another day.

6) You don’t have to pay attention to (or push) exact numbers, but you do want to pace yourself, which simply means making the first part of your run slower than your last part. This can take some practice—it’s common to go out too fast—so keep trying out what pace works for you. Start even slower than you think you need to and that might start you off on the right foot.