An Introduction to the 23-24 Year Women’s Wellness (WW) Area

 Sharon Bergquist from Duluth WT is the 2023 – 2024 MNWT WW SPM. Her emphasis this year is Women’s Heart Disease. Her 1st trimester challenge to chapters is to make sure your members understand their numbers.

What Are Your Numbers? And Where Do They Fall In The Chart?

Blood Pressure            Systolic (upper)            Diastolic (lower) 

Normal                        Less Than 120                  Less Than 80

Elevated                      120 – 129                               Less Than 80

High Blood Pressure   130 – 139                              80 – 89 (hypertension stage 1)

High Blood Pressure   140 or Higher                   90 or higher  (hypertension stage 2))

Hypertensive Crisis      Higher Than 180      Higher Than 120  (Consult your physician  ASAP)


Cholesterol Levels should be under 200


Consider being the NHWT WW Local Programming Manager (LPM) this year. This project can take anywhere from one to three hours a month. Each trimester you will receive an information packet from the state with option ideas to share with the chapter. You along with all members, can also come up with your own unique ideas to support the area. If you have a passion for Heart Health, this is the place to be.