An Introduction to the 23-24 Year Priority Area (Crescent Cove) Programming Area

Sara Rocksted from Monticello WT is the 2023-2024 MNWT Priority Area SPM. This is the third and final year supporting Crescent Cove as the statewide project. 1st trimester she is asking chapters and members  to donate craft supplies from the requested wish list . If you donate an item please let President Tawn know when you donated and the value of what you donated.

Consider being the NHWT Priority Area Local Programming Manager (LPM) this year. This project can take anywhere from one to three hours a month. Each trimester you will receive an information packet from the state with option ideas to share with the chapter. You along with all members, can also come up with your own unique ideas to support the area. New Hope has been supporting Crescent Cove long before it was a MNWT Priority Area and will continue to support it in different ways for years to come. If you are passionate about this organization being the LPM is a great way to transition us into future years of support.