An Introduction to the 23-24 Year Living and Learning (LL) Programming Area

Pat Undersander from Albany WT is the 2023-2024 MNWT LL SPM. She is asking every member to consider completing the Living and LearningCertification this year. In addition to the basic sections of the Living and Learn Certification, each year the State Program Manager may additional items of their choice. Her additions this year are  1. Plan a day to help a “person in need” who would like to simplify their life in some way; with organizing their home, a room, a closet, or anything of their choice. 2.  Write in a journal every day for “a week” three things you are grateful for to help instill “Gratefulness” in your life.

Consider being the NHWT LL Local Programming Manager (LPM) this year. This project can take anywhere from one to three hours a month. Each trimester you will receive an information packet from the state with option ideas to share with the chapter. You along with all members, can also come up with your own unique ideas to support the area. A few fun items the state offers are certifications and impromptu competitions. The USWT offers a certification and writing competition.