What is Founder's Day

The the United States Women of Today (USWT) organization has been celebrating women (and men) working together to help improve their lives and those lives of the people in their communities for over 35 years. Since their inception, our non-profit organization has helped raise over $7.6 million dollars in donations and brought together over seven thousand women who are passionate about making a difference. July 1st is the day we celebrate becoming a national organization.

In 1950, a group of dedicated women formed the Mrs. Jaycees of Minnesota with a mission of community service. Several name and organizational changes occurred over the years, and in July 1985 we became known as the Minnesota Women of Today (MNWT). Our three areas of focus are Community Service, Personal and Professional Growth, and Fellowship. The MNWT organization has brought together people throughout Minnesota who are passionate about improving their lives and the lives of people around them; encouraging young people to become involved and hold positions of leadership; and provides opportunities for all members in the areas of community service, growth and fellowship.

The city of New Hope was incorporated in 1936 when the rural residents of Hope Township broke away from the farming community. On October 14, 1961 the New Hope chapter 1st charted as part of the Mrs. Jaycees and we have been a vital part of the community ever since. The New Hope Women of Today (NHWT) chapter's 1st President under the title of Women of Today was Mary Hudson (1984/1985). Over the years, we have continually focused on supporting our local community, and creating growth opportunities and life long friendships for our members. We celebrate Founder's Day each year with a membership social open to the public. This gives us an opportunity to raise awareness to our local organization, but also meet and share what we love most about the New Hope Chapter. Join us at Bella's in New Hope on July 1st From noon to 2 pm to celebrate Founder's Day 2023.