June Note From President Tawn

Hello chapter members,

Welcome to the new year. I am looking forward to adding some new energy to our chapter this year. I want each of us to look around and ask ourselves, what do I like to do and where do I see myself going in the future.

One of my focuses this year is to identify our future leaders and mentor them. My journey with Women of Today started with a bang. I was just looking for friendship. I found that and so much more. Within 6 months of joining, I became the chapter treasurer. Ever since then I have held some type of leadership position. I have learned so much and would like to be able to share that experience with others.

My second focus is our chapter meetings. I hate long drawn-out meetings. My goal is to keep our meetings to 60 minutes or less. I plan to have as much information printed on the agenda, because we can all read. Each person will have up to 2 minutes to highlight something in their area, or add something that was missed. In order to do this, I will need written reports from everyone a week before each chapter meeting. The remaining time will be used to socialize, do small projects, do fun activities or have committee meetings. Af- ter each chapter meeting, I invite any and all chapter members to join me at Frankie’s for a beverage.

Let’s make this a fun exciting year

Tawn H.

NH Chapter President 20232-2024