Lunch Bunch

Our chapter values all of it’s 30 plus members and works hard to create membership activities that our diverse age group of 18 to don’t ask and many different work schedules can participate in. One way we reach a group that was overlooked in the past is our Lunch Bunch Membership events. These lunches are held once a month on a Wednesday. Members take turns choosing different local restaurants to try. Depending on the month we can have anywhere from four to twelve members attend our lunches. Delores along with help from other Lunch Bunch participants manage organizing the date, time, location, and reservations. This is a great way for members who do not typically enjoy our happy hour socials to get together and connect. The best lunches are when someone gets a day off work or takes a long lunch to join in the fun. A few of the many places we have visited include Cajun Kitchen, Good Day Café, The Birdhouse, and Nong's Thai Cuisine.