When Volunteering is Put On Hold…

It is a very odd feeling to be a volunteer and realize the best thing you can do for your community is nothing.  Social distancing is not something that comes easy to us, the volunteers. We are on the front lines; raising money, collecting supplies, donating our time and talents for the better good of others. Now what? What do we do when the best thing for our community is to stay home?

We stay in contact. Our friendships and connections are greater than a virus. Now is the time to think outside the box. Send mail and email. Take time to make a phone call or ten. Check in with your fellow volunteers to say hello. Share stories and support each other. This might be the right time to challenge everyone to a Words with Friends game.

We prepare. In the future things will begin to return to normal. We need to rest our minds and souls, because soon the need for us in our communities will be greater than ever. Pay attention to who is doing what and where. Keep track of businesses and schools that supporting families with food. In the future plan events that will support them. Keep in touch with your local nursing homes. When the time comes they will know you are there to help them.

At the moment everything is fluid. We don’t know what the next week or month will look like. We do know that our connection to each other and the community is strong, and when the time is right we will be ready to not only help the community, but welcome new members into our volunteering organization that have the same passion to support our community.