A Note From President Rita - Feburary

Third trimester is going to be a busy trimester! Membership events have been planned, new LPMs and officers are stepping forward to take on running our chapter in 2020-2021 and we will have some changes to discuss for our next year. We held our Bylaw and Policy review on February 6th and the proposed changes will be presented at the February meeting, printed in the March newsletter and voted on at the April meeting. Due to some of the budget changes for 2020-2021, it was decided to have our Budget Review in March, so that some of the changes can be discussed and voted on at the April meeting along with the proposed Bylaw and Policy changes. The Budget Review is open to all members and when the date and location have not been set yet, but will be published. If you wish to attend, please let me know, so I make sure we have enough seating. DUK DUK DAZE replacement festival will be July 11th, all day and is in the planning stages. If anyone wishes to join the committee to work on our part of the event, please let me know. It sounds like a great event and the Lions want us to be as involved as before and to know that we are an important contributor to its success. The location will be spread out from the new City Hall to include several local businesses and will have many old and new events and attractions. The day will start with a new 2K event, continue with the softball tournament at Northwood, may include other sporting events as well as children’s activities, Bingo and food trucks. There will be no carnival or fireworks. The event will evolve over the next few years, as they see what works and what could be added. This is really an exciting time for us as they are asking for our ideas and help to make it successful.

Rita J.