Breakfast Bags - January

Who is looking for a feel good service project to start 2020 off with a BANG? Yes! All of us… Consider contributing to our Breakfast Bags Project.

What are Breakfast Bags and who do they help? They are simply bags with breakfast to go in them in them. More specifically they are bags filled with nonperishable breakfast and snack items such as; juice boxes, fruit snacks, apple sauce, granola bar, protein bar, rice crispy bar, and other items of that nature. As a chapter we decorate and fill these bags and donate them to the Ronald McDonald House. They distribute them to the local children’s hospitals they service. These bags are used by families of children who have been admitted to the hospital. Some, just over night. Others for many months. These families are away from home. There are morning appointments and surgeries to get to. Having a bag of food you can grab and take with you is one less expense and one less thing to worry about. We decorate the bags to share joy, hope, and fun. Siblings of patients often enjoy selecting a bag that looks special to them. Parents enjoy the messages and kind thoughts. Breakfast Bags may be a simple project compared to others, but it makes a huge impact.

What can you do to help? This is a three (3) month project that has a little bit for everyone. Do what works for you and your schedule. Everyone’s contributions are equally important.
  • Attend at our January general meeting. We will be voting on a motion to donate up to $100 for the cost of Breakfast Bag Supplies.
  • Take home provided lunch bags at both our January and February meetings. Decorate them. Invite family, friends, children, and grandchildren to help. If you have a few extra lunch bags at home, you can decorate those as well. We are using the standard brown paper bags.
  • Purchase items to be contributed to the bags and bring them to the January and February meetings. I will be shopping for items we still need the first weeks of March. Bag items to not need to be identical, so anything you donate will be appreciated.
  • Join me at our February general meeting where there will be supplies provided to decorate bags while we meet. Take home a few extra bags.
  • Plan on arriving to our March general meeting 30 minutes early (6:30 pm). We will be assembling the bags and boxing them up for delivery. 

Some of us have time. If that is you, consider helping to assemble the bags. Some of us enjoy being creative. If that is you, consider helping to decorate the bags. Some of us prefer to shop. If that is you, consider a personal donation of items needed to fill the bags. Everyone’s help is needed and appreciated. Now let’s start decorating so we have bags to fill up in March.

Thanks, Anna N
Breakfast Bag Chair