A March Note from President Carrie

Hello ladies!

How is it mid March already?! Not that I mind, because that means planting season is upon us! While I have been thinking of my veggie garden and all the pretty flowers I want to grow, I'm also thinking of how can we grow our chapter. How can we get that spark back to do more for our community? I can't do it alone, nor can the board. We need you! We need your ideas, big or small. It doesn't hurt to try something new! When you do, you usually end up learning new things! While I'm on the topic of new things.... Have you ever considered a board position? We need you!! We are hoping to get some new members on the board. It's really hard to run a chapter without a board! So please, please think about taking that little step outside your comfort zone...I did!! It has been a true learning experience for me, and opened my eyes towards personal development. We are having a late start (time got away from us!!) in recruiting, and we should have a new board ready to go at our APRIL meeting....so lets get our chapter growing, in membership and in personal growth. Lets finish the year out strong!

Much love, Carrie