A February Note from President Carrie

“Being kind does not have to cost a thing. Words are free, smiles are free, actions are free.”. – theodysseyonline.com This past Friday as I was getting ready for convention, I had to make a stop and change roles from adult leader to Girl Scout leader. I was meeting with my coleader to go over stuff for our Monday meeting. As I was leaving Caribou; rushed because I had other things to finish up, a woman approached me. At first, I couldn’t understand her, then she took a breath and calmed down. I learned she was driving in from Chicago with her little girl, having just left an abusive relationship and was trying to get to Bloomington, but made a wrong turn and was now almost out of gas. Did I have any money to spare? Money to spare? I don’t work, so any funny money I get I covet and horde away (yet I still don’t seem to spend it on me!). I had money on me for convention, but I couldn’t whip that out in front of her. I got nervous, my co leader had bolted to her car. It was just me…what could I do? So, I asked her to hold on a minute, and walked to my car. At least I felt a bit safer there as I was looking around, it was 10am in the Walgreens parking lot, cars and people everywhere. She followed, but never made a move towards my car. I dug a ten-dollar bill out of my small horde and walked it back to her. She almost started crying and gave me a hug…I thought she wasn’t going to let go! I started thinking about the…What if’s. What if that had been me? Would I have the courage to go up to a complete stranger and ask for help? I can barely talk to people I know in public situations. This small act of kindness made a difference to her. I wished her well and she went on her way. Our paths will probably not pass again. While my act of kindness did cost me ten-dollars, it doesn’t always have to. Remember to be kind, the world seems to be lacking this now days. Share a smile, a kind word; It needs to start somewhere, and I’m glad to be part of the kindness movement! I hope you have a “kind” day and always are courageous!

President Carrie