Here is my story - Alicia D

Bingo at St. Therese Nursing Home. Not the most glamorous volunteer event. Not something I particularly sought out volunteering for. But, I was free and they needed help. So I went. There was a couple at BINGO who had been married 60+ years. She was in the nursing home and needed significant help. He was in assisted living and needed less so. I helped her with her BINGO card the entire night and chatted with him while he played on his own. It was finally over. I had worked all day then went strait to volunteering. I was hungry and tired and just wanted to go home. But Mr. Carlson needed help. You see he wanted to walk is wife back to the nursing home portion, something he always did, before heading back to his apartment; but because of his walker he needed help. I was crabby, I wanted to say no, but after deep sigh I agreed to help. Walking back I heard the most beautiful love story I’ve ever heard. A husband more dedicated to his wife than I ever thought possible. He walks over to see her every day, and the last thing he tells her each night (just in case it’s their last night together) is how beautiful she is and how much he loves her. I was humbled and inspired. It wasn’t glamorous – I was pushing a wheelchair bound woman back to her bed – but it was beyond worth the extra effort. Now I don’t so much mind BINGO anymore.

Alicia D.