Meet the 2017/2018 Board: Bonnie H. – Programming VP

“Be Involved”

Greetings ladies! I am your Programming Vice President for the 2017-2018 year. I wasn’t planning on this position but after hearing Carrie’s speech at the banquet I was inspired to “Be Courageous”! She will be a great president for our chapter.

I have been a member for thirteen years. I started out working Duk Duk Daze and have been active with that project every year. I have held LPM positions, as well as, Internal VP and Treasurer.

I have lived in New Hope 14 years. I have a combined family of six with Jon. William is our “together” child. The others are grown. Cassie is my youngest daughter and I have a grandson who is 9. I work as a Special Education Assistant.

I am excited about our chapter this year. We do so many great things for our community. We are helping people in many ways by all our hard work. Sometimes I think we miss how much we accomplish every year. Maybe it’s modesty, but anyone who’s been at a WT convention can tell you, we are an awesome chapter!!

I hope everyone will take the time to brainstorm ideas of how to increase the participation of members. I may groan about saying yes to activities, but once there, I always have a great time and never regret helping out!

The other thing I want to stress is “Growth”. We all love service, and of course fellowship is always fun, but we must remember to grow. Growth comes from challenging ourselves and that requires courage. So let’s “Be Courageous” and (my theme) “Be Involved”.