Highway & Senior Yard Clean-Up

October 14th Highway clean up! 
We will need a lot of volunteers for this service project. Cleaning from Medicine lake Rd to Bass lake road. Wear good walking shoes! Meet in the McDonalds parking lot off of 42nd. If you have children, we will send you over to clean up the park behind city hall. When all is finished we can meet for coffee at Caribou to celebrate a job well done. Thank you all so much for you willingness to help out. Time is TBD!

October 7th is Senior Yard Cleanup. 
We will need as many volunteers as we can get. Older children and husbands are welcome to help too. We do not have names of seniors who need us, so I also ask all of you to let me know of any seniors that need us to come and clean their yard. It will be just raking and general cleanup. There will be no trimming bushes or cutting trees or anything other than just yard cleanup. The more who volunteer, the more seniors we can help! When we are finished we will celebrate a job well done at Caribou on Winnetka Ave and 42nd! Time is TBD These are some GREAT volunteer opportunities in our local community – PLEASE consider helping if you can!