A September Note from President Carrie

Hello all!

I hope this finds you well. I am currently attempting to “reboot” my day time life and find a new normal. My girls are doing really well with it. In case you missed it, both my girls are in school this year. Kylie entered 2nd grade and Jocie is in KINDERGARTEN!! How did that happen ladies? It seems like life kinda took off and I’m not sure how much I like it! I usually do pretty good with change, but this has sucked away a piece of me. So I am struggling with this new normal of the house being too quiet, and fighting the urge to call my mom Every. Single. Day. This kinda feels like when I decided I would take on the presidency. I was scared (Ok, I’m still scared I’m gonna mess this up!), nervous, sometimes I wanna cry… It’s a big change in my normal! But I know it’s going to be ok. Change is a good thing! I think this year is a great year for change! 

Happy Fall! Carrie