Fall State Convention

Are you living in the right century? Explore your feelings and join us at Fall State 2017 as either a Medieval Woman or a Modern-Day Renaissance woman! 

There is a lot planned for the weekend of September 22-24 at Hinckley Casino. I have 2 rooms reserved for Friday and Saturday nights. 

Friday night starts with a Project Fair, where you can check out many different vendor booths as well as stopping at the booths sponsored by the different State Program Managers. You get a chance to learn about the different areas that Women of Today promotes, sign up for drawings, purchase some vendor products, and mingle with ladies from chapters all over Minnesota. Saturday we have a business meeting followed by a great luncheon and lots of awards for chapter projects and individuals who have been outstanding so far this year. In the evening we have a banquet followed by great party, where we will dance, watch skits and have fun. Sunday brunch has a speaker scheduled and that is always worth attending. 

If you are interested in joining us at convention in September, please let me know so I save you a spot in the room and we usually carpool. We will also meet up with our Pals chapter Byron for a post-party get-together in our room. 

Don't forget you get your name put in for a trimester drawing as well as a special homemade Italian dinner at year-end. The full registration form can be found at www.mnwt.org

Thank You! Rita