A July Note from President Carrie

Wow! It’s already July! Where is this summer going? I hope you all are having a wonderful summer. Ours has become increasingly busy with the last part of July, Derek has business travel the last 3 WEEKS; the girls have summer programs and vacation Bible School so that means I turn into a single Sherpa mom. Trying to get things done is CRAZY!! But my reward is coming, I get to go on a trip to Ireland with my coming up in August! Looking at my schedule made me think that if you weather through the hard/messy/crazy part of life you will get to your reward. Which brings me back to you guys, I completely feel like we are in a transition year, we need to get back on track with our members. Muddle through the hard/messy/crazy part and get back to the fun stuff! But the board and I can’t do this alone! I need your feedback, ideas, creativity. Let us know what we can do for you! Let’s start working towards our reward of a strong chapter again! Have a wonderful rest of your summer!

Hope to see you at a few functions! Carrie