A June Note from President Carrie

I got busy…

That truly seems like my new norm for the past couple months, May
went so fast, and I’m sure June will be even quicker. As I sit here an
hour before we leave for Florida (26 hour car ride!!) and Alicia asked if
I had a president note, I thought… “I can be better organized than
this!” I can pack a car for 10 days in Florida and not forget anything,
but yet I leave something till last minute that I truly need to have ready
by a deadline.

Yes, I am calling myself out! In the days of go, go, go…it’s time to slow
down a bit. You will find I at times get scatter brained and I leave
things to last minute. But these are things I need to work on to become
a better me! So please do not be afraid to approach me on things, or call
me out. I am here for the chapter to help and get things done!

Have a great rest of June!
~ President Carrie