Two New USWT States

Having 7 completed extensions this year is very exciting but to have two new states with two new chapters is so great. Let’s take a moment to think about all the activities, projects, M-nights, chapter meetings, fundraisers that these new states will experience. These communities will become better places to live. They will shine with all the opportunities.

So let start these news states off right by sending them a big welcome or a note of encouragement. Can we over fill their mailbox? YES WE CAN!!!! Let’s see how many cards can be mail out before USWT convention in Los Vegas. I will have a treat for you at convention if you mail one so let me know by email ( before June 7th.

Thanks, Colleen T

Please send your cards to:

Valley of the Sun WT
Carmella Mongold
8220 Keats Ave #319
Mesa, Az. 85209

Rose Rock Women of Today
Theresa Johnson
4200 Banner Road
Noble, OK 73068