Meet the 2017/2018 Board: Diane W. C. - Parliamentarian

"Party with the Parli"

Hello! I am a long time member of NHWT - 28 years to be precise (whooo). I originally moved from Michigan in 1978 to go to graduate school (Maternal and Child Health, School of Public Health). We love it here!! I am mother to two adopted sons, Matt who is 26 and Tom who has passed.

I currently work with people needing bone marrow transplants through Be The Match / National Marrow Donor Program but I am counting the days to my retirement at the end of this June.

I love WT as a way for people to come together in friendship and community activities. I often host membership coloring sessions and craft making (although my skills are pretty remedial.) I enjoy going 'up North' for fishing, reading and teaching myself to quilt. If you come to my house you will find dog and cat hair, dust and lots of books.

As your parliamentarian, my responsibilities are:
• over see the yearly bylaws and policy review
• see that the chapter upholds our bylaws/policies and those of MN Women of Today
• help with parliamentary procedures as outlined in Robert's Rules of Order
• help with any voting the requires a paper ballet.

Questions? Ask me anything! Diane