Youth of Today: June

I'm writing this article on June 20th the first "official" day of summer. I'm sure we all remember the excitement and thrill on the last day of school and start of summer! Nothing says summer more than "YOUTH".

The Youth of Today area promotes events, projects, ideas and activities that allow YOUTH to discover and experience the importance of volunteering, and also promotes foundations related to youth activities. We've already had our first Youth of Today event a Schools Out Party.

Our next scheduled event will be "Movie in the Park". This event will be the Friday night of DDD, July 15th, at the outdoor theater in Civic Center Park (behind City Hall). The movie will be "Inside Out" and time will be around 8:30ish.

A major emphasis of "Youth of Today" is Kid's Week, which is held August 14th-20th. I'm hoping we can schedule at least 2-3 youth events during this week. If you have any ideas please let me know.