Apr 26, 2016

Our Last Spicy Tidbits of the 2015/2016 NHWT Year!

Jenna A, We missed you at the last meeting. Hope to see you soon

Carrie A, Thank you for being the State Delegate. You will be great.

Merrin B, We are excited to hear you will be a Craft Fair Shadow. Thank you

Sandy B, Thank you for all you do to support the chapter.

Deb B, Thank you for your support and friendship this year.

Rosemary B, Thank you for joining. We hope to see you at another event soon Teri B, Great job with PR. Thank you.

Leslie B, Thanks for the 5K help this year.

Diane W C., Thanks for all of your support and help.

Wendy C, We miss you.

Carole C, Thinking of you. We hope you are on the mend and feeling fabulous soon.

Carole, Thank you for the H-U-G-E bag full of bras for our April collection at the general meeting.
You are very generous! Delores H

Carole, Glad to hear surgery went well, you looked Great afterward on the FB pic. Get Well Soon !
Karen P

Alicia D, Congratulations on your wedding, job, and move.

Tonia E, Thank you for joining. We are excited to get to know you more.

Jayne F, Thank you for all the behind the scenes work you do to support our chapter.

Peg F, We hope you are feeling up to a chapter visit soon. Thinking of you.

Moira F, It was great to see you at a meeting this winter. Hope to see you at another event soon.

Marion H, Thank you for chairing the Breakfast Bags event.

Bonnie H, Great job as treasurer. Thank you.

Tawn H, Thank you for being our President. Nice work!

Kathi H, We miss you. Hope to see you at the Banquet.

Delores H, Amazing job with Ways and Means this year. Thank you.

Mary H, Hope to see you at the Past Presidents Brunch this year. We always enjoy your stories.

Jenny J, Hope everything is looking up for you. Thank you for joining us at the Cookie Exchange.

Kathie J, You are a fabulous women. We hope you are feeling better and are able to join us at a meeting soon.

Shannon J, You are going to love being Secretary. Thank you.

Rita J, Thank you for being on the board next year.

Terri J, Thinking of you. Hope all of your plans fall into place.

Cassie L, Thank you for all the 5K work done this year.

Jeanine M, We miss you. Hope to see you at a social soon.

Deb M, Thank you for your fun Grandma's Night Out socials. Great Idea.

Pam M, Thank you for all you do to support our chapter.

Jodie M, Thank you for all of your help this year.

Jean M, Thank you for joining. We enjoy getting to know you more.

Anna N, Nice to see you at the Area 3 meeting.

Anna, Your invites for the banquet are very nice! Really quality and professional! Great Job! Delores

Dawn N, We hope you are enjoying your new location. Thinking of you.

Colleen N, We miss you. Hope to see you soon.

Teddy O, Great job with Breaking Free. You should consider sharing your talents with the district or state.

Charlene O, Thank you for your support this year.

Molly P, Thank you for hosting our last Grandma's Night Out Social. It was fun for all.

Karen P, Thank you for all you do to put out our newsletter. Your efforts are appreciated.

Kellee P, Thank you for being a Craft Fair Shadow. You will be awesome.

Judy S, Thinking of you. Hope to see you out and about sometime soon.

Jean S, Thank you for your continued support of NHWT and the community.

Jaclyn T, What can we say, you are fabulous and you know it!

Katee T, We miss you. Hope to see you soon.

Colleen T, Great job as PA this year. We hope you are having fun.

Diane V, Thank you for being a fabulous member.

Sue W, Great job as IVP. Thank you.

Renee W, Thank you for the great job you do with the Prayer Chain.

Sonja W, It's great to have you as a member.

Lori W, Thank you for all of your work with Bookworms.

Apr 19, 2016

Monthly Wellness Recipe: April

An important part of your overall wellness that is often overlooked — your financial wellness!

Have you and your family set a budget and do you review it regularly to see how you are doing?

Are you saving for the future and have you analyzed if you are going to have enough income throughout retirement?

A good financial planner can be a key in helping you achieve your financial goals. There are also many free online tools available.

This month, I encourage you to consider taking a look at your overall financial wellness picture!

Your Women's Wellness LPM,
Alicia D.

Apr 12, 2016

Breaking Free Information

Hello everyone I was on the Breaking Free website recently http://www.breakingfree.net and saw some interesting things that i would like to share with you all.

The first one being their facts and stats page which has some eye opening information about sex trafficking, http://breakingfree.net/facts and stats.aspx

and the second being this video of Vednita Carter the founder of Breaking Free telling her own story and explaing how she got out of the life and founded Breaking Free https://youtu.be/LIXleNxaVzA


Apr 5, 2016

Way$ and Mean$

Let's Put the FUN in FUNdraising ! 
You are invited !
Bras and Buns
Saturday, April 23 @ 10:30 am 
RSVP d2hoseth@q.com 
Sign up at April 18 General Meeting
Amy Holland is the representative 
612-270-7343 website: www.heybraladv.com
Hostesses: Sandy B and Delores H

Apr 1, 2016

Letter from the President: April

What a year we have had. I can't believe that this is my last newsletter article to you. I have enjoyed the spice trail that we all have been on this year. I have learned some new things along the way and I hope that you have also. My hope is that you will continue to reach into the spice cabinet for new spices as you continue your Women of Today journey. Only by trying new things and learning new skills do we continue to grow and develop as human beings. Don't be afraid to try something new.

"The adventure of life is to learn. The purpose of life is to grow. The nature of life is to change. The challenge of life is to overcome. The essence of life is to care. The opportunity of life is to serve. The secret of life is to dare. The spice of life is to befriend. The beauty of life is to give." - Prince

Thank you for a great year! !!!