May 30, 2015


Please bring an item orseveral items that you do not use or want. Last year we made over $80.00 with this fun activity. I think we can make MORE this year! 
Do you have any plants or ground cover to sell? You could offer Babysitting OR Imagesome homemade cookies, ETC ETC ETC - Delores

May 28, 2015

Chilin with Basil Lemonade

I'm am so excited to be Chilin with Basil Lemonade and supporting Tawn this year as her past president. I can't do this alone. I need all of YOU to help me! 1st I need someone to collect the ImageSun Post for me. The copy I get is for Crystal/RobbinsdaIe and it does not have all of our great Women of Today articles and announcements. 2nd I need photos. My goal is to get at least one photo from each event. Please when you are doing anything New Hope Women of Today Related take a picture (or ten), you can use your phone if you don't have your camera Imagewith you. Then send me all your great shots. You can add them to our Shutterfly account  
Thanks, so much, Anna 

May 26, 2015

Here's what cooking for May:

• Kellee P, your 2015/2016 District Director, is looking for people to serve on her District board and as District Program Managers. If you have any interest or would like more information, email
• USWT National Convention will be held in Fargo from June 11 - 14. Contact me if you are interested in attending with Colleen T. This year, there is a contested election for USWT President and MNWTs own Nicky Anderson is running!
• Mark your calendars for Fall State Convention, which will be held at Craigun's Resort in Brainerd, MN from September 18 — 20th Lodging reservations (along with payment for the rooms) will be due 8/21/15. An art auction will be held at Fall State; they are currently looking for items and are hoping for strong participation at convention!
• I am planning a 1st trimester chapter visit to the St. Michael / Albertville chapter in June (final date TBD). I'm thinking a stop at the Albertville Outlets may be in order, time permitting of course! Contact me if you're able to join in on what is sure to be a fun chapter visit!
• Did you know that anyone can submit an article to the State Newslet? This is the state newsletter mailed to every MNWT member 4 times per year. It is a great opportunity to brag about some of the many great events our chapter holds! Do you have an event you want to brag about? Simply write-up an article and submit it to me. I will coordinate the rest!
- Alicia

May 24, 2015

Cooking with Parsley

I am so excited to be serving you as the 2015/2016 NHWT State Delegate! Look for important District, Area, State & National updates and information each month in my "Cooking with
Parsley' Newsletter Article. I hope you will consider joining me at various events and meetings
as your schedule permits — Alicia

May 19, 2015

2014 - 2015 New Hope Woman of Today External Contributions

1st Trimester:
   132 Volunteers
   446 Service Hours
   $1,116.15 Donated
   $425 In-Kind Donations

2nd Trimester:
   168 Volunteers
   552 Service Hours
   $5,370 Donated
   $1,660 In-Kind Donations

3rd Trimester:
   65 Volunteers
   326 Service Hours
   $8,220 Donated
   $750 In-Kind Donations

Total of all 2014 - 2015 New Hope Woman of Today External Contributions, donations, in-kind and hours: $48,085.83

Your time has value and is appreciated. The 2014 value of a service hour is calculated at $23.07.

May 15, 2015

May Message from Our 2015 - 2016 President

Can you believe that it is a new Women of Today year? Where did the time go? As our May flowers start to bloom, let us pause and give thanks to Anna and last years board for the wonderful job they did.
Kellee and committee put on a great banquet!
I am so excited and a little nervous to start a new year as your president! We are such an extraordinary group of women. Each one of you inspire me to be the best I can be. I feel very blessed to be a part of this group. I thank my lucky stars that my neighbor, DWC cared about Women of Today so much that she shared it with me. I have made wonderful friends and hope to make many more. Please share your passion for Women of Today with someone that you know.
I am challenging each of you to try something new this year, share some of your vast knowledge with someone who needs it, and discover something about yourself. I know I will be trying lots of new things this year. I am available to help with questions, and hope to discover that I have skills I didn't know I had.
I will leave you with a quote.
" How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world." Anne Frank

May 7, 2015

Community Notes: League of Women Voters Flower Sale

On Saturday, May 9th, from 9 am - 2 pm the League of Women Voters will be holding a perennial flower sale at 3657 Maryland Ave N in New Hope. Most plants will be between $1 - $3.

May 5, 2015

A Few of Our 2015-2016 Projects

·        Adopt-A-Highway
·        Bingo at Local Nursing Homes
·        Book Club
·        Cookie Exchange
·        Cooper Craft Fair
·        Duk Duk Daze Kiddie Games & Parade
·        District 281 Families Shopping Spree
·        Flower Sales
·        Game Night
·        New Hope Farmers Market
·        New Hope WT 5K
·        Ronald McDonald House Breakfast Bags
·        Wreath Sales
·        Youth of Today Week

Please check our website, blog, facebook and the monthly newsletter for more information on projects, dates and times. If you are interested in helping with any projects, if you become aware of a need in our community, or have an idea for a program, event, or social not listed, please contact us at

May 3, 2015

What are “Community Notes”?

There are so many amazing things happening in our community. New Hope Women of Today would like to take a moment now and then to promote other organizations and businesses that are doing great things. Our Community Notes posts will highlight those things. 

May 1, 2015

Member of The Month, 3rd Trimester Winners

The Member of the Month is an amazing woman. She is kind, generous, and supportive. She is an example of the type of member I hope to become one day. She has been very active over the last few months working as a 5K chair, setting up our Caroling event, and planning for our fabulous Ronald McDonald House Meal. Please join me in congratulating Pam M as our January member of the month. We are lucky to have her in our organization.
The Member of the Month is an amazing woman. Since joining in 2013, she has done an amazing job balancing, family, work, volunteering, and fellowship. She has jumped into our women of today organization with open arms. She brings fun and excitement to the projects she chairs. She was one of last month’s Meeting hosts and just chaired our very Silly Supper. Please join me in congratulating Shannon J as our January member of the month. We are lucky to have her in our organization.

The Member of the Month is an amazing woman. She is just awesome! As our records half of R&R she keeps track of our yearly activities. She also completes and submits our success. She takes it a step further, follows up with the results and puts extra effort into making sure our Chapter gets the highest recognition possible. Please join me in congratulating Jayne F as our February member of the month. We are lucky to have her in our organization.

The Member of the Month is an amazing woman. She is dedicated to supporting our group. Her attitude is positive and upbeat even when things do not go as planned. For the last six months she has been working behind the scenes to make our 5K a success. She is also the chair of this year’s Step to It event. Please join me in congratulating Renee W as our March member of the month. We are lucky to have her in our organization.

The Member of the Month is an amazing woman. She is calm and dedicated member. She has been busy all year planning and supporting New Hope projects. For the last three years, she has been part of our Cooper Craft fair team. Each fall she chairs the Thanksgiving baskets. Next month she is bringing us to the local Relay for Life event. Please join me in congratulating Dawn N as our April member of the month. We are lucky to have her in our organization.

The Board member of the 3rd Trimester is another amazing woman. After being a member of less than a year, she stepped up to be our Internal VP. Over the last year she has done a great job contacting and supporting the LPMs. She also joined the annual convention committee and supported several projects throughout the year. Please join me in congratulating Karen P. as our Board Member of the 3rd trimester. We are lucky to have her in our organization.

The 2014/2015 Top Banana Award goes to an amazing woman. Over the past year she chaired at least two projects each month except for one. She is a valuable member of the Internal LPM team as our recognition half of R&R. As our State Delegate, she shined, exceeding all of her personal goals. Her positive altitude and ideas on team work have gotten us far this year. Please join me in congratulating Tawn H as our 2014-2015 Top Banana. We are lucky to have her in our organization.

Who Do We Want To Be

When you say you are a member of the New Hope women of Today, what do you want that to mean? As you ponder that question, I will tell you what I want it to mean for me.

I know her….

Someone asked me if I knew you. I laughed, and said, Ha! That’s funny!!

I adore that woman!! She’s blessed, caring, loving, sweet, beautiful, a real woman of spirit. And she is reading this right now.

Be the kind of woman that when your feet hit the floor each morning, the devil says:
“Oh crap, she’s up”

This is how I think of each of you. As a group and as individuals you are a force to be reckoned with.

I want to challenge each one of you to come up with your personal motto. It can be your favorite saying, a poem or song that speaks to you heart, or a phrase. Make it yours and live it each day.    – Tawn H.